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2018 GLC 300 vs. The Lexus RX

2018 GLC 300 vs. The Lexus RX

See how these luxury SUVs compare

2018 Lexus RX

The 2018 Lexus RX

This is a vehicle that also available in a hybrid model ensuring that there can be a bit of a break with fuel costs. Unfortunately to upgrade the Lexus RX, it can get quite expensive quickly and as you begin to adjust the powertrain and add new options it will eventually price itself outside of what the Mercedes GLC can offer at its base model. The Lexus RX does deliver a powerful statement in its package. The newest model is known for its improved acceleration and for the grip that it can deliver even at high speeds. There are some preferences for setting up the vehicle to make it better suited to your own driving style. Customizing the interior and changing your powertrain is possible but it can grow quite expensive to make a style conscious statement with his vehicle. The ride can be especially firm in sport mode as well and anything except for the eco-mode will severely hurt your fuel consumption. In the base model this standard V-6 does put out a little more horsepower than the Mercedes at 295 HP in the standard build.

The 2018 GLC 300

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC class SUV has created a number of changes this year. Mercedes is a company that has always been focused on interior luxury but with this version of their SUV they are bringing customization as well. Customers can choose their body style, interior cabinetry and finishes that range from stripped down and sporty to ultraluxury as well as their powertrain.

Even the base model of the Mercedes GLC SUVs are at the best power rating for SUV’s on the market today at its price point. The comfort control adjustments from the seats than the automatic climate control also make it one of the most comfortable vehicles for daily use.

It's perfect as a family vehicle, for taking on a road trip or just for being stuck in traffic while still in comfort. Mercedes and its nine speed gearbox have also ensured that this is a smooth accelerating SUV that feels great along the road.

GLC 300 Luxury SUV
GLC 300 vs. the Lexus RX

Comparing the GLC to the Lexus RX

Lexus has taken plenty measures to update their 2018 Lexus RX to be better handling on the road. It does not however offer some of the refined touches that you can get in a Mercedes GLC SUV. It's comfortable on the road but it could also grow more expensive to upgrade the interior to deliver the same luxury touches you would get in the Mercedes.

Although the base model is a little bit faster, it can cost drivers in the long run with their fuel consumption. The body style on the Lexus is not quite as visually appealing as the Mercedes option either, nor does it offer much room for customization.

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