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2018 GLE 350 vs. The Audi Q7

2018 GLE 350 vs. The Audi Q7

See which luxury midsize SUV wins!

2018 Audi Q7

The 2018 Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is a vehicle that has always been developed for luxury buyers. It is a surprisingly powerful and nimble luxury SUV that is acclaimed for its quality of ride, its technology on board and the incredible amount of space that it actually has inside. The engine in the newest version of the 2018 Audi Q7 is quiet and absolutely sublime. It can actually be very difficult to know how fast you're going unless you keep your eye on the speedometer here. Audi has always built their SUVs with an incredible sense of balance and you will hardly feel any bump in the road as you make your way along in this vehicle. Audi has upgraded the tech package with the Q7 this year and this means better pairing options and media options than they have offered before. The third row of seats in the new Q7 are really just jammed in unfortunately and this doesn't leave much room for comfort in the very back. The upgraded engine and performance options can also skyrocket the price and although its base model is quite reasonable, this could quickly turn into a car that costs 70-75K plus when it is loaded.

The 2018 GLE 350

As far as luxury midsize SUVs go, the GLE class SUV has been dominant in this market for the past two decades. The newest 2018 version gets access to some upgraded tech and pairing options that are perfect for Apple funds and android phones. The option for all-wheel drive on this vehicle also makes it perfect for almost any type of conditions you can throw at it. The 2018 GLE SUV also comes with the option for a plug-in hybrid powertrain. This can deliver an astounding 43 miles per gallon on the highway which makes this one of the most efficient in its class. The sportier versions of this vehicle can really bring the horsepower output as well. Even the hybrid version has 436 HP with the base model putting out around 302 from a reasonably sized V6 engine. Perhaps the greatest reason to choose the 2018 GLE SUV is the sheer amount of custom touches that you can make to your vehicle. Mercedes has made it easier than ever before to get just the body style that you want, the ideal powertrain as well as selecting all of the trim options that you may want for a luxury experience.

GlE 350
2018 GLE 350 vs. the Audi Q7

Comparing the GLE to the Audi Q7

The Mercedes GLE definitely offers a bit better value for the money and a little more control and feel for the road. The Audi remains a fantastic car if you are seeking luxury and a very smooth ride but the Mercedes is simply a better value even when you start to add some of the options.

The race for these two luxury SUVs is very close so you should really test drive both of them before making a decision!

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