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Let us know how we did! Our dealership has been serving the El Paso, Las Cruces, West Texas and Southern New Mexico communities since 1973 and is always working to provide our customers with the best service possible. Without the input of our customers we would not be where we are today and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to help us improve our service.

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Mario Olvera 13 Apr 2015
Best cars........... Best prices........ Best service......
Jackie Garcia Martinez, El Paso, Texas 05 Dec 2014
#1 dealer in El Paso!
5 rate
Keo C., El Paso, TX 01 Dec 2014
He is a trustworthy. Although the road is not easy and full of trucks, he drives safely and I appreciated his discussion.If you are going to hire a tour car from El Paso
5 rate
Jason Murray 13 Oct 2014
Thanks Hershey and Aaron! Wonderful experience!
5 rate
Jason M 19 Sep 2014
Aaron & Hershey teamed up to provide another great buying experience. Ida also is extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Thanks!
5 rate
SGM 21 Dec 2013
From the point of making contact with the Service Department until completion of the repairs the customer service was excellent. As a whole it was painless... Thank you!!!
5 rate
Luis Carlos G. 28 Jun 2012
Thanks to the Mercedes Staff, it was a great experience to work with Edie, the internet department is great, and the product is just the best! thank you again. LC
5 rate
Donna A., Las Cruces, NM 01 Jun 2009
If you want the best salesman ask for David, he does a great job. After we bought our E300 and brought it back for service he made sure we were taken care of. The service dept. is crazy busy so you need to be proactive, they have improved from a year ago.
4 rate
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