Mercedes-Benz Tire Center in El Paso, TX

Enhance your drive with genuine tires for your Mercedes-Benz

Why genuine Mercedes-Benz tires?

Road hazard coverage included on eligible tires

Unlike other tire stores we do not charge for this coverage. If you get a flat we will replace no additional fees apply. 

Competitive tire prices

It may seem like a discount tire store is the right choice but when you take into consideration your coverage with Mercedes-Benz the money off may actually become a disadvantage

The right tires made for your Mercedes

It's important you equipped your Mercedes-Benz with tires approved for that model. Otherwise, you are compromising performance and safety.

We offer all major brands

It may seem that because we are Mercedes specific that we may not offer as much as a discount tire stop. We offer the latest brands and tires best suited for your Mercedes-Benz.

Expert installation by factory-trained technicians

For safety and to maintain your warranty it's important you get your tires installed by a Mercedes-Benz factory trained technician.

Mercedes-Benz Tire Assemblies for Cold Weather

Mercedes-Benz Cold Weather Assemblies

There are 41 packages Cold Weather Wheel & Tire assemblies to choose from. Now, winter weather has met its match. Prioritize your safety and enhance the performance of your Mercedes-Benz.

A study on the risk of worn tires

This video shows the effect worn tires has on your stopping distance. In this study it takes the driver 10 additional car lengths tires to stop their vehicle vs. those driving with tires unworn.