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The Ultimate Resource for Mercedes-Benz Owners

Explore the different features and perks included in the exclusive Mercedes-Benz app for owners, Mercedes Me.

Mercedes Me Assist

Mercedes me is your practical help in everyday life. Whether it’s a hobby or other leisure activity – enjoy more me-time with the help of Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes Benz Me App

Breakdown Management

Maintain your vehicle and schedule service, or get help from a nearby Collision Center if you're ever in an accident.

Maintenance Management

Mercedes me takes the weight off your shoulders in everyday life! By taking care of maintenance management for you. 

Everything About Your Vehicle in One Place

Find the operator's manual, how-to videos and more for your specific Mercedes-Benz. 

Mercedes Me Connect

Changing what's remotely possible

Mercedes me connect services are the next level of connectivity for your Mercedes-Benz. With connect services, you can control many aspects of your vehicle all from your smartphone.

Mercedes-Me App

Concierge Service

A Mercedes-Benz concierge is available 24/7 and can handle almost any request. The Concierge Service from Mercedes-Benz provides an extra measure of luxury and convenience with personal assistance available at the touch of a button.

In-Car Office

Be productive while at the wheel with Mercedes me connect – effortlessly and safely.

Mercedes Me Google Home
Mercedes Me Google Home

In Home Assistant Compatibility

With Google Home and Amazon Alexa, you can connect to your car from the comfort of your couch.

Mercedes Me Finance

Financial Assistance that goes for miles

Whether you've leased or financed your Mercedes‑Benz, Mercedes me provides a direct window to Mercedes‑Benz Financial Services, helping you stay up-to-date and in control of your automotive finances.

Mercedes Benz Me App

Mercedes Me Inspire

Live life with the foot on the accelerator

From travel to sports to technology, Mercedes me brings all of life's luxuries to your fingertips. Enjoy exclusive perks at some of the finest hotels in the world and more.

Mercedes Me App

Mercedes Me Adapter

Connect with your vehicle manufactured in or after 2002. Mercedes me adapter and smartphone app: mobile access to a host of vehicle data.

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