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Service & Parts Department FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions & answers for our Mercedes-Benz service customers. Thank you for choosing us.

How do I schedule a service appointment?

We have a form available for you online. You can also call us, (915) 996-9954, or schedule via live chat during business hours.

Do you have loaner vehicles?

We offer loaner vehicles free of charge to all of our Mercedes-Benz service customers. Some services are based on our service departments availability so we may be able to get your car out faster than what may require a loaner. If this is not the case we do offer a fleet of over 50 loaner vehicles free of charge. Although please understand that we need to schedule your visit appropriately to ensure we have a loaner available for you.

How Can I Use Your Shuttle?

Our service shuttle leaves every hour during business hours. We can take you to anywhere within the city limits. We do understand that you may be in a surrounding area like Las Cruces. If you contact us ahead of time we can try to schedule our shuttle service appropriately for you.

What Is A Service Appointment?

A service appointment is when your Mercedes-Benz service advisor is expecting you to be at the dealership. We want to schedule the appointment at the best time for you so the advisor is ready for you at that time. The advisor is the liaison between the customer and technician to describe any concerns that you may have have to our manufacturer trained technicians.

Based on shop availability/technician availability your Mercedes-Benz may not actually get worked on immediately after delivery. We have different times to diagnose and report and we do our best to schedule all vehicles out within a timely manner.

My vehicle is telling me that I am due for an A or B Service. What does this mean?

Many customers are curious about some of the service messages that appear on their vehicle from time to time.
This simply means your car is due for its’ next oil change and required maintenance. All services for your vehicle are dependent on your vehicles’ year and mileage and are different at every 10,000 mile interval that you reach.

A Services typically consist of an oil and filter change and a thorough visual inspection of your vehicle (exceptions do apply after 50,000 miles)

B Services typically consist of an oil and filter change as well as several other services such as tire rotations, brake fluid replacement, air filter replacements, spark plug replacement (only after 40,000 miles) etc.
It always best to contact us either through our LiveChat option (during business hours) or to call our service desk at 915-778-9863. We can answer any questions you may have regarding your vehicles history or so that we can inform with you what will be included in your upcoming service based on your cars’ mileage.

I have not put 10,000 miles on my vehicle since my last service but it says I need service. Do I still need to bring my car in?

Your vehicle will be due for a service every 10,000 miles OR once a year, whichever comes first. So if you had your oil changed in October of 2017 with 30,000 miles on it and by October of 2018 you only have 36,000 miles on your vehicle will still indicate to you that it is time for a service because it has been a full calendar year since the oil was last changed.

What Is A Mercedes-Benz Manufacturer Trained Technician?

A Mercedes-Benz manufacturer trained technician is a technician that is trained by the people that have actually built the cars. The positive thing about manufacturer trained technicians is that they actually go to the manufacturer facilities off-site and receive training to know the appropriate way to diagnose and fix any issues related to your Mercedes-Benz

What Is An OEM Mercedes-Benz Part?

OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer”. In other words, an OEM part is a part built by the manufacturer for that specific vehicle. There are aftermarket parts you can purchase but an OEM part comes with a warranty. If you choose to use a part that is not OEM approved you could potentially lose your warranty on your Mercedes-Benz and not receive any benefit when trading in your vehicle etc.

Why Is My Mercedes-Benz Saying I Need To Get It Serviced? And What Does That Cost?

Those services are the manufacturer recommended services which is different from a required service. Recommended services are not immediate but manufacturer recommended.

Servicing your vehicle at the dealership will build the history service of your vehicle to the manufacturer if you have proof that you have done all recommended services through manufacturer trained technicians and with hem parts the manufacturer may assist you if you have future problems.

My Tire Pressure Light Has Come On In My Vehicle, Do I Need An Appointment To Have The Tires Checked?

No, if your tire pressure light has come on in your Mercedes-Benz, you are more than welcome to drive in to our service department where one of our certified Mercedes-Benz service technicians will assess the discrepancy in your tire pressure. If no issues are found we will correct your tire pressure and reset your light at no cost to you. If issues are found with your tires, a Service Consultant will advise you on your next steps..

The Check Engine Light Has Come On In My Car, Do I Need An Appointment To Get It Checked Out And Is There A Charge?

Yes. When your check engine light comes it is best to contact our Service Department as soon as you notice to schedule an appointment. When we schedule you to come in either by LiveChat or by phone, we will go over signs and symptoms with you that your Mercedes-Benz may be experiencing and then determine the soonest available time to bring your Mercedes-Benz in so we can diagnose it.

The charge for diagnosing your Mercedes-Benz is dependent on your vehicles’ warranty status, mileage and previous history. Once your Mercedes-Benz arrives at our service department a Mercedes-Benz Service Consultant will go over details and pricing with you so that you are aware of all prices and fees associated with our diagnosis.

I Received A Safety Recall Letter In The Mail, What Should I Do Now?

If you receive a safety recall letter in the mail concerning your vehicle, it is best to FIRST contact our Service Department before driving in with the vehicle. Your time and safety are of utmost importance to us, so when you call and provide us with your VIN # (vehicle identification number located on your Recall letter) we will first determine if this Safety Recall does in fact apply to your particular VIN number. We will then inform you whether we have those particular parts in stock or not. If we do not, we will order them to our dealership by the time of your appointment so that you do not have to bring your car in twice.

*Please keep in mind that even if your Safety Recall letter states that we have the parts in stock, it means the parts have been made available by the manufacturer to our dealership but we are unable to stock all recalls for all models at all times.

We will do everything in our power to address your Safety Recall swiftly and efficiently and we appreciate you trusting us with yours and your family’s safety.

My ‘Check Coolant’ Light Has Come On In My Car. Do I Need An Appointment For This And Will There Be A Charge?

You do NOT need an appointment to have your coolant topped off. You can drive in to our Service Department and a Service Consultant will have your coolant topped off at no cost to you.

*If leaks or any other issues are discovered while topping off the coolant, the Service Consultant will advise you on how we may assist you further.

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